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Step Four: Embrace Relationship Action Planning (RAP)

Relationship Action Planning (RAP) is the act of proactively working to advance relationships with the people most important in achieving your business plans. At the core of every relationship is generosity: Reaching out to other people to be of service. Generosity builds relationship strength quickly.  The following steps will help you achieve mutual success, including giving you the influence to accelerate strategic change.

Step 1: Target the individuals who are critical to your team's goals, and assign specific team members to build stronger relationships with each of them.

Step 2: Prioritize these relationships so that you put the most outreach effort toward the most important individuals.

Step 3: Define clearly what you can do for these individuals. Understanding how to help each person, both professionally and personally, so that they come to see their own success as directly aligned with that of your team, is critical to accelerating their commitment to any change.

Step 4: Align ambassadors and lifelines who will be real and proactive advocates of the team and its agenda because they authentically care about one or more individual members.

Step 5: Outreach needs to be rich and robust and should include meetings (virtual or physical), events (even social), pinging (maintaining ongoing virtual contact) and social media. All outreach, though, needs to be generous and connected in a deep and authentic way.

Step 6: Measure the strength of individual relationships, and study these metrics monthly, even weekly, to assure aggregate and individual progress; and renew the list as needed.

Download our Relationship Action Planning (RAP) Excel spreadsheet and get started.

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