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90 Day Action Plan

I wanted to point out the good response one of my FG consultants, Manlio Correlli, wrote on my community site when somebody asked, “I was curious to know what your thoughts are in developing a 90 day action plan for your first 90 days in the role - what would be included in your plan?":

 “1. It almost goes without saying that he should clarify his broad goals -- what was he brought in to do? Define what success looks like, tastes like in 12 months. What will have changed? Pretend he is out to dinner with a friend 12 months from now even -- talking about what the past year meant. What does he want to be able to tell his friend? Likewise, what would he want the people on his team to say about that time? His clients/partners? You get the picture...”

Manlio’s other tips for a 90-day plan are here.


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