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Friday's Relationship Roundup

This week I’m in the trenches of collaborative technology adoption. Just as I was celebrating getting a good chunk of my team active on Yammer, we all got emailed Chatter invites. Chatter is’s competing walled-Facebook-for-business product. I’m pals with the Yammer folks, so undeniably biased – although it seems incontrovertible that Yammer is more feature-rich. In-con-tro-ver-tible. Anyway, between Yammer, Skype, and Webex, I’m starting to feel like our satellite employees are a lot less far away. This stuff works. This week’s hits: MORE POWER FOR SOCIAL NETWORKS: Social media has transformed marketing. Now let’s think about its impact on product innovation, sez HBR. (Hat tip to RMA VP Sales Will Petruski for this link.) VISUALIZE SUCCESS:, an inexpensive collaborative mindmapping tool, is my favorite new toy. I recently used it to map out a new editorial strategy for RMA (coming soonish…), and our Customer Experience Director Kristen Bassick, who turned me on to it, has used it to map out our corporate onboarding workflow. PRODUCT LAUNCH IN A BOX: Looking for a turn-key solution to market and launch your own membership website online? Check out Kajabi. I heard good things about it from Get Storied’s Michael Margolis. SUPER-EASY APP FOR PHOTOSHARING: Thank to Zapd, I recently got treated to an entire web site of pics of some of my zany weekend antics – seems to be an awesomely quick way to share your event photos, on a dedicated URL. But it’s Iphone only. (Slap in my face: I switched to Android recently. Je regret.) DROP OUT AND WIN: Peter Thiel looks to burst the higher education bubble in this Techcrunch article. Fascinating, inevitable, and exciting for anyone who has looked at the price tag of a university education and resolved into a dew. (Note to Tech Crunch: Great piece, but next time, make it an interview!) That's all for this week. Go make friends! Every Friday, Relationship Masters Academy's Program Director Sara Grace digests recent must-see news, research, and technology for social capitalists and collaborative leaders. Send articles and apps you'd like to see featured to sgrace at relationship masters academy dot com for consideration.


Maria Ogneva's picture

Hi Sara!

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words about Yammer. Glad to hear it makes you feel more connected to your team. That's such a key theme we hear from the market: the pressures of being globally distributed and dealing with information overload can easily impose silos (in addition to functional silos). Making sure people can share and consume useful information boosts the sense of belonging, as well as increases productivity -- in the current fast-paced world, it's so important to be productive!

Thanks again!

Maria Ogneva, head of Community, Yammer
@themaria @yammer

Michael Margolis's picture

Hey Sara - Thanks for the shout out. We should add the following resources: and WishListMember - they do much of the same thing as Kajabi above yet for a fraction of the price. Great way to start for the bootstrapped entrepreneur.

Sara Grace's picture

Thanks Michael - we like more for less. (Who doesn't?)

Martha Garvey's picture

I love Yammer, and have learned so much from my participation on it with my client. Would love to talk to you more about it.

Jeff Cox's picture

Great set of tools Sara. Thanks for sharing!

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