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Don't Be a Twitter Idiot - 5 Tips for Better Tweeting

When I started tweeting, I was a Twitter idiot! I made tons of mistakes. Here's the top five, translated into my "5 Tips for Better Tweeting." Quick hits on the 5 tips: 1.Be generous first. Think about what’s in it for your readers. 2.Twitter yourself! Twitter’s about authenticity; you shouldn't hire it out, and you’ll enjoy doing it anyway. 3.Don’t broadcast; have a dialogue and a conversation. 4.Don’t get swept up by negative tweets. Engage them, but don’t obsess. 5.Put Twitter on all your devices so that you can be ubiquitous. And even though I feel like I've gotten the hang of it, I'm sure I'm still making mistakes. Please, tell me! And what goofs have you seen elsewhere on Twitter?


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Thanks for the feedback about the music, Hank. As for your statement, "To get what you desire in this life, give the people in your life what they desire first," it's exactly what I believe. Take care of others first and it will come back around.

Great list Jeff, and good comments from others. James, thanks so much for all your contributions to the Linked In Group!

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