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Don't Be a Twitter Idiot - 5 Tips for Better Tweeting

When I started tweeting, I was a Twitter idiot! I made tons of mistakes. Here's the top five, translated into my "5 Tips for Better Tweeting." Quick hits on the 5 tips: 1.Be generous first. Think about what’s in it for your readers. 2.Twitter yourself! Twitter’s about authenticity; you shouldn't hire it out, and you’ll enjoy doing it anyway. 3.Don’t broadcast; have a dialogue and a conversation. 4.Don’t get swept up by negative tweets. Engage them, but don’t obsess. 5.Put Twitter on all your devices so that you can be ubiquitous. And even though I feel like I've gotten the hang of it, I'm sure I'm still making mistakes. Please, tell me! And what goofs have you seen elsewhere on Twitter?


Jason Howell's picture

Great post Keith. I reference your books regularly but of course every time I try to give one as a present, the recipient already had it. I guess that's what you call a "Best Seller." Please keep writing (even on Twitter).

Slava Rybalka's picture

Hi Keith!

Thank you for this video and your Tip 194 =)
I am spreading the word about you because your first book changed my life.

Follow me on Twitter: @SlavaRybalka

Jeff Cerny's picture

Hi Keith,

These are great tips and will help to make twitter the valuable tool it can be. TechRepublic published an article I put together in September with ten twitter rules for the neophyte that overlaps with some of your points ( . Glad to get your feedback on it.

Enjoy your travels to Guatemala and best wishes for a tremendous Christmas holiday!

Best regards,

Jeff (@jeffcerny)

Patrick Klingaman's picture

Jeff, your list is a nice complement to Keith's points. I particularly like: #5: "If you talk more than once about what you ate recently, you get unfollowed. No exceptions." This fits with Keith's first point regarding thinking about what's in it for your readers. Do they care if you made it to the airport on time? Probably not. Still, since Twitter is such a new way to communicate, we should be a little forgiving with each other, for we all are learning how to use it through trial and much error.

Hank Shrier's picture

Thanks for sharing. You may wish to rerecord this message. The background music is VERY distracting. In any case, should you feel it makes the broadcast better for the listeners, drop the level by at least 50% 3db.

When you share your foibles and mistakes, and when you help others to learn from them, you are providing a real service. Thanks

When you come to visit Jerusalem, please contact me. You will make an excellent lunch guest (my treat)

How do you feel about changing the title to "Avoid being a Twitter Twit. How do you respond to the following statement; "To get what you desire in this life, give the people in your life what they desire first.

Thanks again for your generosity of spirit

Hank Shrier

Viviana Sutton's picture

Thank you for putting generosity to others first on the list - it speaks volumes of you.

Jeff Cerny, thanks for linking to that article! It's helpful, and I'm with you in liking Twitter's potential more than I do its present incarnation.

James K Barath's picture

Congratulations on finally coming around about tweeting yourself. I was dismayed when you initially joined Twitter as it did not reflect what I knew of you based on your book Never Eat Alone. Thanks for sharing your blunders and I plan on sharing it with others. James

P.S. Did you have a chance to read the book that I gave you when you passed through Chicago on your Who's Got Your Back - Phoenix University Tour?

Kathy Condon's picture

The tip I like best....keep out of negative territory. Truly one of the joys of Twitter is that Tweeps are upbeat and truly sharing their wisdom and new learnings. Now if we could just get people to stop Direct Mailing their spam we would really have it made.

Would you work on that?

John Ribbler's picture

It is most important to experiment. Unless all you do is post quotes and ReTweet all day, you are writing and a writer can only develop a unique style and voice by trying different things all the time. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself if something falls flat. Let the force be with you.

keithferrazzi's picture

Thanks for the feedback about the music, Hank. As for your statement, "To get what you desire in this life, give the people in your life what they desire first," it's exactly what I believe. Take care of others first and it will come back around.

Great list Jeff, and good comments from others. James, thanks so much for all your contributions to the Linked In Group!

Joel Hughes's picture

wow, a great video - it's really, really, REALLY refreshing to hear someone talk about the mistakes they've made instead of just saying "Hey!, look how great I am and how you should be doing it (etc etc)".


p.s. I didn't find the music distracting - I liked it!

Peter Guzzardo's picture

Keith, I have been following your progress since Never Eat Alone and one thing I've noticed is that in the process of helping others get better, you have gotten much much better yourself. Thanks for sharing and helping us grow.

Hope's picture

Thanks Keith for your genuine words of wisdom. Today is the day I set aside to become familiar with Twitter, and I'm glad I found your video at the start. Your advice is awesome. Imagine if everyone followed your rules on Twitter and offline, what a wonderful world this would be!

Best regards,

Maureen's picture

If your advice works, and I believe it does, then you have/ have had a lot coming your way. While I don't Tweet yet, the words "Twittiot" or "Twidiot" popped into my head while watching your video. They seem like appropriate words to capture what you conveyed, and may/ may not be newly coined. I would not put you into this category, even though you may have. ---Just one opinion here, but I am certain others agree with this one. I ALWAYS learn something from you, and it is ALWAYS positive. Thank you!

Deana's picture

Keith, you sound just like me when I began social media! Thank you for sharing this, and now I can pass this wonderful information on to someone else.

Lyle T. Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach's picture

I agree Keith .. authenticity IS the key

Unfortunately, some seem to think that they can fake autenticity .. well, THEY can but in the end it washes out.

Be yourself ... warts and all .. and all the other weird, warted people will love you.

The Unsticking(TM) Coach
"Freeing Authentic Creative Expression" (TM)

next's picture

I was a Twitter twit once too. One thing I can't stand is that some folks feel the need to tweet every single useless thing they do. I guess it works if you have no life.

Fritz's picture

Related Story, twitter got passwords stolen the other day. Seems that nothing is safe.

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cod blackops's picture

Some basic things about twitter. More followers the better. They have auto follow groups for that.

Yaser's picture

I really think that nobody reads tweets anymore, they just tweet

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