Creative Generosity: How Using His Language Skills Helped Paul Anthony Land a Dream Job

I always love hearing from fans, especially when they have interesting or inspiring success stories. It’s humbling to know that my work can have that kind of impact on others.

A short while ago, a young man named Paul Anthony from “the other side” of Pennsylvania (but that’s okay) contacted me to let me know that, regardless of age or title, you can still reach out to new contacts with generosity and develop those lifelong relationships – because he did just that despite still being in school. You just need to know what it is you have to offer. And everyone has something special to offer others.

I just recently finished “Never Eat Alone” — highly recommended by several of my friends — and, wow, am I inspired. I am a sophomore studying International Business and Economics at John Cabot University in Rome, and Keith’s insights into professional relationships are undoubtedly universal.

During my senior year of high school at The Hun School of Princeton, I had to design and complete a Capstone program of my own (an internship of sorts) that brought what I learned at The Hun School into practice.

Around the same time, I was out getting an ice cream with my cousin when he happened to see one of his close friends and financial advisors (the latter I did not know at the time). His friend and I struck up a conversation about my studies abroad in Italy, because while I was a junior in high school, I had attended a scholastic program called School Year Abroad for 10 months.

It just so happened that this man was of strong Italian roots himself and adored speaking Italian with me. After some engaging small talk, a “deep bump” as Keith calls it, I learned that he was an executive vice president of a prestigious bank in my area. Before we went our separate ways, I had his business card and generous offer to help me find an internship. The end result? An invaluable internship at a respectable bank, numerous connections and helping hands, and a new mentor and friend. We still keep in touch.

Although I am so young in my professional life, I can attest to the information Keith has shared in his book, for it has already begun to lead me in good directions. The ability to create serendipity and foster valuable relationships with common interests is one of the many keys to success.

Thanks again, Paul, for sharing your story. This is just the beginning of your journey and I’m grateful to have played a part in it. Great things come to those who know their value and can find common ground with others to build generous relationships.