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Achieve Moneyball Business Advantage in Days, Not Seasons

My research team and I have had a couple of interesting conversations with Colin Kinsella, CEO of Mindshare Interactive. How did Colin end the feet-dragging that had stalled the change he was brought on board to finish? Not by telling the team what leadership wanted them to achieve, but by changing how the team did things. We tell more of the story of how Kinsella changed the...

Getting Past Polite at eBay and Thomson Reuters

Don't get me wrong — politeness is important. But we need less of it than we think we do. And it’s amazing how efficiency can be driven by transparency about your shortcomings and insecurities. When my friend eBay CEO and former Reuters Markets CEO Devin Wenig was faced with the merger of Reuters with Thompson, he knew people integration was as important as systems integration...

Getting off to a flying start in a world where catching up is the norm

When Ritesh Idnani, CEO of ISGN, takes his morning run, he can see the mail counter on his smartphone logging new messages in real time. Jogging down the road, “I see it going from 30 to 40 to 50,” says Idnani. In a global firm like ISGN, a mortgage services company, where messages pour in from across the globe while North America sleeps, “You start the day by catching up,” he...

Paying It Forward, the Sigma Chi Way

It’s always a humbling experience when someone you help, in however big or small a way, uses that moment of generosity to go on and do greater things of his own. That’s why when ophthalmologist and fellow Yalie, Ravi Goel, wrote me the other day, I wanted to share his story with you. When I was a medical student in the 1990s I applied for the Sigma Chi Foundation scholarship...

How a Book Changed Our Lives

Almost two years ago, Evan read Never Eat Alone on the recommendation of a faculty member he met at a small seminar. The message captivated him – he grew up a shy kid, but college had opened him up, and he was ready to hear that intimately connecting with people and building a network can be something other than nerve-racking. It could actually be fun, exciting, and rewarding...

Using Technology for 'Never Eat Alone'

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet Brian Roosa, who told me how he has integrated modern technology to implement the principles of Never Eat Alone. He embraced mindful relationship building by creating a “platform” from common tools and sought to share his approach with others. I thought his advice was fantastic and hereby share it. Read all the way to the end for the...

A Tribe's Core Values Deliver Happiness

Does raising levels of happiness really pay off for a business? We know that happy cows, or at least cows given names and more attention, produce more milk. Delivering Happiness CEO Jenn Lim argues compellingly that higher degrees of happiness in the workplace lead to increased engagement, productivity, performance and retention, thereby improving revenues and decreasing the cost of turnover. We cover practices that make employees happier.

Brian Ludlow's Transformation

"The choice isn't between success and failure, it's between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity." 

I was fortunate enough to have found Keith's book Never Eat Alone during my last year of law school. It was around this time that I started to seriously question whether the practice of law was truly what I was meant to do.